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We offer parts manufacturing for automotive and are trusted by major Fortune 500 automotive companies. Send a CAD file or technical drawing to Davidson Fabricating, Inc and get a FREE estimate with price and lead time.

Automotive Industry Experts

Deep Industry Expertise

We supply the automotive value chain for decades.





Quality Guarantee

We are AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified, NADCAP™ accredited for welding, ITAR registered, and AQL inspections and First Article.


Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer service understands the supply chain stress and is committed to helping the supply chain and delivering custom parts on time.

Get Your Parts When You Need Them

Since 1966, we have been working with leading OEMs and automotive value chain partners to help simplify their supply-demand for manufactured parts. We can help OEMs, motor producers for combustion engines and electric vehicles, and contractors strengthen their strategic supply plans for parts.


We have expertise in sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and prototyping 3D printing for the automotive industry. Connect with our team to discuss your project.

We Offer Precision For Various Automotive Applications

We provide outstanding quality products, excellent customer experience, and on-time delivery. We offer specific capabilities in 3D printing, welding, waterjet cutting, forming, bending, machining, and painting.

Our Core Capabilities

All Our Automotive Applications

We offer various metal alloys for welding. Whether you are looking for a prototype of a few thousand assembled parts, we assure consistent quality every time.

  • Any components with tight precision specifications
  • Repairs or replacement production campaigns
  • Custom tooling
  • CNC machining
  • Painting and finishes
  • 3D printing prototyping
  • Custom fixtures, brackets, hinges, chassis, cut and punched sheet metal parts.
Who Are Our Clients?

No matter where you are in the automotive value chain, we help:

  • Manufacturers
  • OEM component suppliers
  • Design teams
  • Replacement parts manufacturers
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