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The Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a process to cut different materials. We use waterjet cutting for sheet metal. You can cut different alloys with the waterjet cutting process.

It is used in the industry to cut parts with high precision.


How does it work?


A highly pressurized water-based liquid is shot through a thin nozzle at high speed. The liquid accelerates the erosion of the material it gets in contact with.

It is used by many industries and especially for aerospace applications to cut shapes while keeping tight tolerances.


The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting


  • Waterjet can cut any soft or hard material. So, it is a very versatile process.
  • The nozzle can be adjusted and calibrated to cut with super high precision for the most demanding applications.
  • The process can be automated to cut shapes.
  • The cutting process is cold and does not produce dust. It eliminates the risk of heating a part and deforming it under the action of heat.

If you have questions concerning the process, contact our team to learn more.